QGIS UserConf & Hackfest 2019


La Conferencia Internacional de Usuarios y Desarrolladores de QGIS quiere ser la conferencia de referencia, y un punto de encuentro para la familia de usuarios y desarrolladores que orbitan alrededor del proyecto QGIS, con el fin de reunir experiencias y compartir conocimientos sobre QGIS. El idioma de la Conferencia es el inglés.

Mar 4, 2019 18:45 — Apr 10, 2019 20:00
Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería de Caminos, Canales y Puertos. Campus de Elviña
A Coruña, 15071

International QGIS User Conference

Link to official page http://2019.qgis.es/

The International QGIS User and Developer Conference wants to be the referential conference, and a meeting point for the family of users and developers orbiting around the QGIS project, in order to gather experiences and sharing knowledge about QGIS. The language of the Conference is English.

Remember is Carnival. Dress yourself as a real galician e.g. something remembering QGIS colors green and yellow.

Financial report

Final financial report of the Conference and Hackmeeting

Video recordings

Conference videos can be found at av.tib.eu portal:

QGIS Developer Meeting

A QGIS Developer Meeting is a volunteer-driven event where contributors to the QGIS project from around the world get together in a common space - usually a university campus.

more details here

Code of conduct

When attending our meetings we ask you to please abide by the QGIS diversity statement and Code of Conduct. We also ask attendees to respect local laws, customs and culture and be good ambassadors for the QGIS project.

Period and location

  • The user conference will take place from 04 to 06 of March, 2019.








Remember is Carnival. Dress yourself as a real galician e.g. something remembering QGIS colors green and yellow.

Talks details Workshop and demos details


We weren’t able to find convenient collective agreement with hotels. Our suggestion is to book using the common web platforms.

We can recommend these accommodations for their quality / price ratio and if you book through this ‘Booking.com’ link, you will receive a refund of €15 after your stay:

Transportation. How to arrive

!!! IMPORTANT NOTE !!! Tuesday 5th is holiday in Spain (Carnival) you should take care that will be less buses from the Airport to the city center. Who is attending workshops this day can use the UDC bus from city center that will have the normal holiday frequency (40’) BUT at the start and the end of workshops.

Municipality reinforced the frequency at workshop start/stop with this timetable:

From “Plaza de Pontevedra” to university (Campus Elviña): 07:40 – 08:20 – 09:00 – 09:40

From University (Campus Elviña) to “Plaza de Pontevedra”: 19:10 – 19:50

By air

how to get there

There are 3 airports in Galicia:


From Alvedro airport (A Coruña) a direct and cheap bus reach the city center stopping near central train station and bus station just at the beginning of the city center.

From Lavacolla international airport (Santiago de Compostela) it’s necessary to go to train or bus station to change and reach A Coruña.

From Peinador (Vigo) it’s necessary to go to train or bus station to change and reach A Coruña.

Another international airport is:


By Train

See Renfe timetable

You can ask to the Conference organization the special Conference discount (30%) in RENFE tikets

By Bus

See Alsa timetable.


Register using the conference home page

Individual Preparation

  • Bring your own computer (and power supply!). Power socket etc. and obviously QGIS installed

Tourist/Sport/Cultural activities


The “Entroido” is the Galician terms for Carnival. As soon as we have the program in A Coruña it will be linked in this page. BTW fix these dates:

  • Tuesday 5th from 20:30 - Carnival parades during the night. Usually in Monte Alto from España square (city center)
  • Wednesday 6th from 20:30 - “Entierro de la sardina” (Sardine funeral) funeral dancing parade from España square (city center) to “San Amaro” beach firing the “rey Bobo” (e.g. stupid king) and firing the Sardine.


Galicia touristic portal

Touristic walk (Managed by Municipality)

A walk to discover the history of the city. Tuesday 5th at 20:15 starting from Maria Pita square in front of the municipality. The guide offered by the administration will take 1.5h.


Surf season managed by Micho Garcia

If you plan to remain in A Coruña more days you can sign to the following activities

Saturday, 9th March

Baptism of initiation to the surf

The Bastiagueiro beach is one of the more common places to start practicing surf around A Coruña city, ideal for its soft and moderate waves for the initiation and improvement to surfing. It is located 15 minutes from the city of A Coruña and 10 minutes from the University.

Beach of Bastiagueiro, Oleiros, A Coruña.

Bastiagueiro, Turismo.gal

Surf Forecast Bastiagueiro

Helped by Prado Surf Escola Bastiagueiro Center

The activity includes:

  • All necessary material: board, wetsuit, leash, lycra, and paraffin.

  • Monitors qualified by the Spanish surfing federation.

  • A ratio of 6 students per monitor.

  • Displacement from the conference to the beach and from the beach to the hotel in the vehicles of the school.

  • Liability and accident insurance

  • Facilities on the beach with hot showers and space to leave the belongings of the participants.

Price of the activity: 35€ (up to 24 participants) or 30€ (from 25 to 50 participants). The activity will be paid during the same day.

Free surfing

It exists the possibility to rent surf material.

Rentals: Board and wetsuit: 15 euros / 1 h or 20 euros / 2h

!!!IMPORTANT!!!! : People who want to participate in the Baptism of Surfing

#NameSurf Level (Experienced or Rookie)Email
1Micho GarcíaExperiencedmichogar [at] gmail [dot] com

For people who want to rent material and enjoy Free Surfing in the beautiful beaches from A Coruña, please keep in contact with me at michogar [at] gmail [dot] com with subject [QGIS FREE SURFING]

Sauna/Whimming Pools/SPAs

There are many public swimming pools with a low fee entrance. You should only check if opened during Carnival days. Usually all public services can be closed the day 5th. A private SPA service that have to be mentioned is the Casa del Agua. Children older than three years old can enter only during weekend

Family facilities

There are three scientific museums managed by the Municipality that should give a touristic pass for all the attenders. The museums are well managed and interactive giving a good activity for an afternoon with children and his parents. More details at this link

Other tech one is the Muncyt with workshops agenda

Some Art museums are:

For children and babies

here a good resume, btw with more details…


A Coruña is full of Public Libraries, most of them have “Bebeteca” that means spaces planned for children and babies. The most well organised one in the library inside the Agora civic center. More info about public libraries and their cultural agenda is here


You can find many well organised parks with playgrounds oriented to baies or children. Some info can obtained here


QGIS España
QGIS España
Asociación de usuarios QGIS España

Asociación para apoyar y favorecer el uso de QGIS entre la comunidad española.